You know, I have this unrelenting fear

That I'm wasting every minute, every hour that I'm living here

I won't ask for sympathy

Just the understanding that I can't change that part of me

I'm just scared to admit it, so I act like I don't give a shit

Always hiding behind this masquerade 

But I’m starting to get sick of being like this

Trapped in ignorant bliss

The very fabric of my being

Is fucking torn

You know,

I have this unrelenting fear

That I'm fighting the days, but I'm losing the years

It's calling my name

Every day is the same

Except this voice in my head Is merely fuelling the flames 


Her cold hands delicately run across my spine, tracing each vertebrae carefully

Making a mental image of my back using the piercing ends of her claws

With caution, she uses her razor-sharp nails to find each muscle as she tours my body

I can feel her legs wrapped around me tightening, her nails digging deeper.


Don’t let go. 


Although it hurts


Let this pain be a memory I can't let go of


Become one with me

Just one last time


I watched a tattered old man die in the cold yesterday

He slept in the street

Left there alone, hungry

I left him there, with nothing to eat

We watch men shoveling coal and shit

Trading their souls for a paycheck

They watch us from an ivory tower

Force feeding us failure

"Eat what you're given"

Laughing while we claw at the scraps

Everyone I once loved

Died in the passenger seat of the hearse of which I am the conductor